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We aim to inspire healthier communities by delivering vitamins and nutrients more conveniently and efficiently.

Through we aim to redefine the traditional delivery system for vitamins, promoting healing performance and overall wellness. Our patches are created to support the lifestyle of busy people.

VITPatch is a traditional healing and nutrition supplement that can complement any wellness programme. VITPatch can help boost focus and fitness for sportsmen and women and aid concentration for academics.

Vitamin Patches are an in essence an adhesive patch, which contains a specific amount of vitamin(s).

The vitamins are absorbed through the skin and straight into the bloodstream via the blood vessels. The medical adhesive ensures that the patch stays on throughout the day/night comfortably with minimal to no irritation.

It is scientifically formulated so the vitamins are slowly released into the body, giving a steady flow throughout the day.

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One of our co-founders Peter, discovered the benefits of topical patches about 2 years ago, whilst seeking out alternative solutions to pain relief. He began researching the benefits of patches when his mother-in-law, from Preston, became unwell and he realised that there was no easy way to get beneficial vitamins into her system.


We've supported businesses launch products within the industry

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We have leading scientists behind the products we sell, always looking to make improvements


You get a high level of professionalism when you work with messing around, no fuss

Our Team

The business has been created by Jack Taylor, a director at Preston-based OVI Homes, Simon Malcolm, a director at Haydock-based packaging specialists Enviropax and OVI Homes, and Peter Love, who has a background in finance and property development, and who launched the successful Ohana Patches vitamin and wellness brand in the UK in 2018.


Involved in multiple businesses including being a director at Preston-based OVI Homes


Launched the successful Ohana Patches vitamin and wellness brand in the UK in 2018


Do you have any questions about our products or service, then lets talk.

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